My name is Laura Wanst (Born in 1992) and I have great passion for photography with a sharp focus on fashion, editorial and portrait photography.

This passion for capturing images started at an early age in my childhood and therefore I decided to pursue this desire and join the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam to enhance my photographic skills. I will shortly be graduating after a 2 year course studying photography.

Photography has given me the ability to use my creative mind and tell my own story influenced by the world and fashion that is surrounding me. My curiosity is driving me to know more about different cultures, countries, traditions and people. Which bring me new and refreshing ideas to use in my images. The concept of beauty within these various cultural aspects is fascinating and is inspiring me to capture each model in their unique sense of beauty.

Furthermore, I enjoy collaborating with different people, ideas and the journey of a project is just as important as the final result. I believe that my passion and professionalism will turn every project into a new successful adventure.

Laura Wanst

Publications & Clients
Nouveau, NISSUE, LXRY, Volkskrant, Glans magazine, Zondagochtendblad Kennemerland, Rauwkost, Podium voor Architectuur, Oorlog voorbij?, Rijschool Metin, Ongeloofwaardig